One Life


Pastor Paul M. Sadler


This is a day of endless opportunities to serve the Lord. One life—your life—can make a difference. When God parted the waters of the Red Sea, how many did He call to lead His deliverance? One man: Moses! When the chosen people of God were faced with extinction at the hand of Haman, how many made a difference? One woman: Esther! When the murderous Athaliah sought to destroy all the royal seed through which the Redeemer would come, how many stood in her way? One woman: Jehosheba! When God made known the secret counsel of His will that was hidden from ages and generations past, how many did he initially call to make known the riches of His grace? One man: Paul! One solitary life yielded to God’s purpose can make a difference.

In the early 1900s, “the following ad once appeared in a London newspaper: ‘Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.’ The ad was signed by Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer. Amazingly, the ad drew thousands of respondents, eager to sacrifice everything for the prospect of meaningful adventure.”

This story serves as a reminder that men will hazard their lives for a few moments of temporal glory that soon vanishes. But the adventure that we are on when we devote our life to Christ has the benefit of the eternal weight of glory. This journey also has its hazards, as Satan slings his fiery darts of doubt and discouragement at us, hoping to get us to give up the good fight of the faith. We also have to deal with the darkness of criticism and misrepresentations at times. But what a rewarding experience it is when we have the opportunity to lead someone to Christ and spare them from eternal judgment. What an honor it is to be used of God, the very God of creation, in whatever area of service He has called us.

The thousands that responded to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ad were willing to sacrifice everything for a meaningful journey. Are we willing to sacrifice a few comforts of this life, its pleasures, and financial security to live for the Lord and make a difference in someone else’s life? Remember and remember well the One Who made that sacrifice for us!